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2015-2016  SEASON

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- Ambassadors' Roundtable Series Program
WAF- Forum Series Program
SE - Special Event
GD - Great Decisions Program


September 2015

Sept. 16


Sept. 23

Sept. 28


Ambassador Peter W. Galbraith, Former U.S. Ambassador to Croatia & Sr. Diplomatic Fellow, Center for Arms Control & Non-Proliferation, Iraq, ISIS and Syria", (AR)

Emma Sky, Director, Yale World Fellows and Sr. Fellow, Jackson Institute, "Unraveling the Middle East", (WAF)

Mike Funck & Sally and Mike Harris, World Affairs Forum Members, "Vietnam Today", (SE)


October 2015

Oct. 5

Oct. 7


Oct. 19


Oct. 29



 "First Mondays" Discussion Group -  Members Only

Mary Galligan, Former FBI Special Agent in Charge & Director, Deloitte & Touche LLP, "Cyber Security and the Importance of Resiliency", (AR) 

Hossein Kamaly, PhD, Asst. Professor, Barnard College, "The Dilemma of Sectarianism in the Middle East", (GD)

Global Economic Trends Lecture
Jason DeSena Trennert,
Managing Partner, Strategas Research Partners, Sponsored by:  MasterCard Worldwide and UCONN CIBER (SE)






November 2015

Nov. 3

Nov. 4


Nov. 11-13


Nov. 18



"First Mondays" Discussion Group - Members Only

Molly Williamson, Scholar, Middle East Institute & Former Foreign Service Officer, "Geoeconomic Factors in Diplomacy", (AR)

WACA Conference, Leading America:  Foreign Policy Challenges for the Next President, Washington, DC

Christoph Gorder, Chief Global Water Officer, charity:water, "How Technology ids Driving Chage in International Aid", (WAF)



 December 2015

Dec. 7

"First Mondays" Discussion Group - Members Only

Dec. 9


Dec. 14



Fiona Hill, PhD, Director, Center on the US and Europe & Senior Fellow, Foreign Policy Program, Brookings Institution, "Mr. Putin:  Understanding the Man at War with the West", (AR)

Anne Wells, Founder & Executive Director, UNITE The World With Africa Foundation, "Warriors for Change in Tanzania" (GD)

  January 2016

Jan. 13


Jan. 20



Robert J. Walker, President, Population Institute, "Demographic Vulnerability:  Where Population Growth Poses the Greatest Challenges, (AR)

David L. Phillips, Director, Program on Peace-building and Rights, Institute for The Study of Human Rights, Columbia University, "Turkey's Dark Future" (WAF)






 February 2016

Feb. 1                 "First Mondays" Discussion Group -                                                        Members Only

Feb. 22               TBA (GD)




   March 2016      

            Mar. 2            


Ben Lerner, VP, Government Relations, Center for Security Policy, "Drones and the National Security Landscape", (AR)
            Mar. 7

"First Mondays" Discussion Group -                           Members Only

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