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The World Affairs Forum Norman Woodberry Scholarship for Study Abroad

Recommendation Form


Name of Student: ____________________________________________________________________

                                    First                                                     Middle                                              Last                  

Recommender’s Name: ________________________________________________________________

                                    First                                                     Middle                                              Last

Recommender’s Title/Position: __________________________________________________________

School Name and Location: _____________________________________________________________

1.      In what capacity have you known the student?





2.      How would you assess the student’s level of academic achievement, e.g. Outstanding (top 3%); Excellent (top 10%), Very Good (top 25%).  Please explain.





3.      In what ways do you feel that the student would benefit from his or her chosen course of study abroad?





4.      Please provide your assessment of the student’s degree of motivation, initiative and ability to work independently in a foreign environment. 





5.   Describe the student’s ability to serve effectively as an “ambassador” in a foreign country.





6.      Please provide any additional information supporting the student’s application.



Note: Feel free to use additional space to answer the questions above.


Kindly return this form postmarked no later than March 31, 2016, to:


Norman Woodberry Scholarship Program
World Affairs Forum
30 Oak Street, Suite 105
Stamford, CT 06905


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