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1.  French President Nicholas Sarkozy has a family connection with someone associated with the World Affairs Forum.  Can you guess who he is? (Hint--it was reported in the NYTimes)

A.  Wilbur Miller
B.  Amb. Paul L. Bremer III
C.  Mitchell Krauss
D.  Amb. Frank Wisner

2.   Queen Elizabeth breeds corgies, as we all saw in the movie "The Queen."  But did you know that she also breeds dorgies?  They are a mixture of corgies and:

A.  Dalmations
B.  Dobermans
C.  Dachshunds
D.  German Shepherds (Deutschland!)

3.  In the last eight years, only one of our programs was covered by C-Span.  Who was the speaker?

A.  Middle East expert Dennis Ross
B.  Former National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski
C.  Reza Pahlavi, heir to the Peacock Throne in Iran
D.  Jagdish Bagwati, expert on globalization

4.  The Forum's first WorldQuest in 2001 was held at:

A.  The Hibernian Hall
B.  Giovanni's II
C.  Greenwich Country Club
D.  Stamford Marriott

5.  The Forum presented the Altschul Award to former President George H. W. Bush in January 2003.  Who presided over the evening's program as corporate chair?

A. Jim Fitzgerald, Wachovia Bank
B. Bob Selander, MasterCard
C. Murray Martin, Pitney Bowes 
D. Anne Mulcahy, Xerox



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