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May 5-19, 2018

with Council Leader Kay Maxwell
Mysterious China and enchanting Tibet - two lands whose stunning beauty forms the backdrop of centuries-old civilizations steeped in legend and tradition. This is a comprehensive journey encompassing the breadth of China, with three nights in Tibet's seldom-visited city of Lhasa, through the gorges of the Yangtze River and to neighborhoods of Old Shanghai. Visit eight UNESCO World Heritage Sites during specially arranged, included excursions accompanied by experienced, English-speaking guides.
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October 2017

We admired the Uthman Koran, scribed on calfskin in the 7th century and considered by Sunni Muslims to be the oldest Koran in the world. And visited Ulug Bek’s observatory, one of the most advanced of the ancient world. In Turkmenistan we explored the UNESCO-listed ancient ruins of Merv, where the earliest remains are from the time of Cyrus the Great in the 6th century BC. We saw the State Central Museum’s chief archaeological treasure, the Golden Man, a warrior’s armor made from 4,000 gold pieces. We saw Astana, which was transformed in 1997 from a modest agricultural town into a capital befitting the resource-rich lynchpin in the new Silk Road envisioned by China and Central Asia.

2016 Vietnam Trip A Success!
Our tour guide, Hiep, was truly extraordinary. Several people mentioned to me, and I don’t disagree, that he was the best they had ever encountered on any trip. He is young, but highly knowledgeable about history and more than willing to discuss the political issues within Vietnam.Kay
In spite of our jet lag, we continue telling each other stories and remembering funny or touching moments of Vietnam. It really was thought- provoking and image-changing for us.
Cheryl Knoell and Sam Laird, West Chester, PA
What an amazing trip. It was exceedingly spectacular. I shall never forget the feeling of exhilaration each day as we learned something new.
Jo Ann McCalister, Goffstown, NH